About Me

Helloooo! I am THE Milly behind MUSELIM? and this post is all about me ??
Let me just get the boring main bits out of the way then shall I ?
Age? Don’t really want to say, but basically I am a teenager living in London typing rapidly on my blue laptop, sitting on the desk in the corner of my room which I like to call my ‘ponder room’ looking out at the beautiful landscape that lies ahead of me. To me, age doesn’t matter, because here we are all one big family treating one another with full respect, support and much love❤️. But then the other half of me ?finds age quite embarrassing, don’t want ya’ll to think I’m an old granny nor do I want you to think I’m a baby.
Family? I don’t have a big family nor do I have a small family. I am the oldest out of four children, I have a younger brother and then after him I have two younger sisters. You will get to know them soon, so stay tuned! I live with them and of course, my parents in a twelve floor block overlooking London, in the hope that Prince Charming will come rescue me in his shining armour with a galloping horse, climbing up high floors with the length of my hair! I’m a big dreamer okaaay?
So why am I here?
I first started writing when I basically became a very hormonal and dramatic 10 year old! I remember one day coming home from school, pouring all my emotions and thoughts out onto paper by scribbling and scribbling! Long story short, I’m here now with the confidence to share my inner thoughts and feelings as well as passion for writing in the hope that you guys enjoy it. My story to where I am now in blogging will also be coming up shortly, so do look out for that!
Some of you may just think of me as a bored teenager having nothing else better to do than blabbing on and on. But I’ve been told my blabbing will and does make a difference, so I shall carry on?. Somewhat of why I am here today is because I want to show the world what I have to offer and just bedazzle you✨. I don’t really care about haters, they don’t phase me. They used to do before, and that’s why I was on and off so much but i’A I am here for good now?. I guess haters are like a needle, it hurts and they’re there, such a pain, but the pain fades away because it has nothing else to do.
So quick message to all my lovely haters?, I love you all because you’re my motivators and I love the fact that you give me so much attention, it makes me feel oh so special?. But no, on a real note, haters do get to me, I cry sometimes in the corner of my bedroom because it has such an impact on me no matter how big or small, but because of all the lovely supporters I have, friends and family, I’m here bigger and better!
As you can see from my previous posts and this one, I blab maybe a bit too much ? so I will get back to the reality of screaming kids and mess on the floor and of course, dishes for me to clean?. But if there is anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below and I will answer them i’A☺
Thank you all for the support and don’t forget to let your families and friends know that I am back
Speak to you very soon InshaAllah
Much love and kisses,
Milly x
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