Back In Time for Eid

Eid Ul Adha was only just around the corner, and to be honest I wasn’t excited at all. I’ve always been one to celebrate Eid to the fullest, I LOVE Eid, absolutely love! But, sitting there beside my weak Mum laying on her hospital bed, all I REALLY wanted, was for her to come home.
Everyone was talking about what to wear and what to do, and in honest truth, it made me so angry. How could we think of celebrating Eid without my Mum? How could we even enjoy ourselves anyways? But I understood, I understood the fact that we had to carry on with our lives, we had to still make the kids’ summer a good one, show my Mum that there’s nothing to worry about back at home.
But hey! I think the doctors heard my complaints and did all that they could to get my Mum better, as she came home! I must admit, wasn’t the best, but spending time with my Mum and just having her home was the best. That’s all I wanted, the perfect Eid gift 🙂
Even then though, my Mum’s illness managed to get to me the slightest one way or another. I noticed the affects; if we were too loud she would go to the room because she had a headache, the kids were told off for running up and down the house because Mum was trying to fall asleep even though she’d been sleeping the whole day, just all these small things. What happened to MY Mum? What happened to the Mum that would run up and down the house making sure that everyone in the house was happy and well fed? Making sure that her wings aren’t burning in the oven? It was just all too much, and to be honest the more I realised, the more I understood, the more it hurt. This is what I, this is what we, as a family, had to adjust to. My new Mum.

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