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Hello all!
I sure do have a lot of explaining to do to why I have been MIA recently! But to be honest, it’s nothing more than me just finding myself, stability and inner happiness. See, so much has happened and it has made me realised how much I as an individual have been always overlooking the big box, but not what’s inside. I guess in other words, I’ve been focusing on myself. I’ve been studying hard, meeting up with friends and enjoying family time. It’s the small things I realised I was taking granted for and I was just using the time to fix up the bridges as well as work on myself to be a better person. Not only that, but #MyMumAndMe’s journey has had it’s fair share of ups and downs and I just couldn’t find myself to juggle it all, but Alhmadullilah present day today, all is well!
I figured I can’t carry on with the blogging if I don’t have the right mind set and determination and to be honest I was just so SO worried about being judged and not being able to do it ‘right’. But after this long break, and finding myself to realise I really can’t live without the beauty of writing, and after all my loved ones and amazing supporters pushing me back out there, here I am saying MUSELIM IS BACK! I’ve realised there’s so much more to life than worrying about what others say about what you do etc, we all know they’re just jealous 🙂 and I’ve also realised that it’s okay to admit that some things and yourself, aren’t okay. Sometimes we all need to just sit back and have a break to realise what’s important and to just find time to actually go back to Allah and just seek the guidance, the Nur, we’re just all looking for.
Oh I’ve blabbed so much! but LOL this is me just saying, I’m sorry for being MIA and In Shaa Allah, we can all enjoy ourselves as MUSELIM unravels the journey she’d love you to all be apart of.
Here’s to new beginnings X


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Cambridge University

Cambridge? Yes, I, Milly Parvin, had the privilege to be a part of a weekend residential for young people at Clare College in Cambridge University. Before I start, may I just say I loved meeting all the lovely students who took part from another school, and also a big thank you to our leader Ben, who made every moment inspiring and entertaining. Humorous karaoke, whilst giving the answers of the music round at quiz night or taking us around Cambridge University showing us how University life really is. It is safe to say, my ideas, thoughts, superstitions of University were wiped away by the end of the weekend so much so, I am determined to work my way up to one day being a graduate of Cambridge University.

The weekend was very insightful with many tasks and talks to attend. They consisted of information about the transition from moving out of home to starting a new chapter in the community of University, to the information about what it takes to be Cambridge University potential! As my Aunt had assisted me on this residential, it gave her, as well as the other parents/guardians, a sense of contentment, as the residential taught all of us that University really isn’t as scary as it seems. Before this weekend I had this idea that University life was about studying, studying and even more studying! However, it’s quite the opposite. Yes, the workload is substantial, but Cambridge provides many society clubs from languages, drama to even rowing in the morning- meaning getting to see the sunrise, and we all know how much I adore watching the sky as it sets! Not only this but as students have to continuously study at the University in their designated College for an 8 week semester, they stay in an affordable apartment. Luckily, we stayed in Clare College on the Memorial Court, and it was absolutely beautiful! Cambridge is surrounded by nature and amazing architect that my Aunt and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of, which made us feel like we were in a scene from Harry Potter! Of course, I have selected some images which you can find on my Instagram, so do have a look when you finish reading this!

Although Cambridge has many colleges within, I really had a soft spot for Clare College, even when we toured St Catherine’s. I guess whilst staying there, my “geeky” side had revealed its way out of me and I actually fell in love. The fact that Cambridge’s Central Library is at the doorstep of Clare College is what not only got me excited but my Aunt too! We were eager to go inside as the idea of having a copy of every single book in the world published inside that grand library, gave my Aunt and I a very exciting and jumpy feeling! Unfortunately we were not allowed in, however my Aunt and I shared the same stare. “Don’t worry Milly, when you’re here we can go in whenever we desire!”

In our free time my Aunt and I had the chance to go into Waterstones and purchase ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak which is absolutely amazing that a book review will be coming soon so look out for that, as well as the new issue of the ‘Writers’ Forum’ magazine, which I hope to be subscribed to very soon! Oh, and how can I forget to mention the bag that both my Aunt and I couldn’t help but purchase from a really cute shop in Cambridge market, titled ‘More Issues Than Vogue!’ Be sure to keep your eye out for it in the next photoshoot!

As you can see, my trip to Cambridge was very inspiring. We did so much and I even got the chance to speak to someone who studied English Literature, which is what I would love to do one day! Looking at the prospectus I am very happy with what the English Literature Course provides and now, it is my only goal. With the help of my Aunt of course!

Taking in the information that we learnt my Aunt and I are determined to get me onto the path of reaching Cambridge. So, I am glad to announce that I have taken on the challenge of ‘A Word A Week’ which is where my Aunt sends me one word and from that word I have to write an essay or poem in the limit she gives me (2 A4 pages/500-800 words for example) in the course of one week. This challenge will go on from now till A levels and shall teach me how to manage my time and become more independent, for the trip to Cambridge University had taught me that those skills were key to be a successful graduate of a University that holds its name as one of the top in the UK. Not only this but I will write and present a book review every month to gain skills such as confidence in public speaking and expanding my dictionary.

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Note to Self

Growing up sucks. Your friend isn’t really your friend and your enemy isn’t really your enemy. There is no such thing as opposites in my eyes, but rather disguises. You don’t really know someone till you’ve seen both their bad and good sides. And no one can really love you either, till they’ve seen both the good and bad. Because falling in love with someone who isn’t who they seem to be, tends to hurt more than heartbreak. For when growing up you begin to realise that there is no point in fairy tales, fantasising, reality starts to kick in.

A princess can never really be happy unless her stepsisters try to ruin her happiness and fit their big feet into a glass slipper, unfortunately not everyone can have pumpkins as carriages. I as a young teen have experienced haters, bullying, hardship, the whole lot. And only now have I learnt one of the many lessons of life; that the so called ‘popularity’ isn’t the ‘key to success’ but keeping the circle small, and not telling others about your dreams and ambitions keeps you much more happier. For only you know your goal and the mistakes that you make on the journey. Only you can pick yourself up when you’re feeling down.

Nevertheless, I am proud. Proud of where I am today and grateful for all the people that I am surrounded by. And they all know who they are. My lovers, my friends, my family and my supporters. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you guys, and I am forever grateful. I strive to make everyone happy In Shaa Allah (if Allah wills) and I only wish the best for everyone. May Allah keep all of us strong and help us attain our goals in life, and discard all the haters and negativity. May we all have Sabr (patience) when we fail, for verily with hardship, comes ease.

Milly x

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Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I want to tell you something. And I know you don’t like it when people sugarcoat things- so I’ll just get straight to the point, shall I? While I’m sitting here in our Ponder Room on our famous desk, I just wanted to take the chance to say that I am very proud of who you are today, no matter where you are! I have faith in you, and I know you’ll do me proud 🙂 I know 2014 was a really big rollercoaster (of course I’d know, I’m talking to myself) but anywho! It sure was a rollercoaster, full of highs and lows. There were times where we wanted to give up, when Milly the Muslim got some hatred remember we thought it was what people say, ‘the end of the world’. There were times where we felt so low and didn’t want to do anything. There were times where all we wanted to do was lock ourselves in the bedroom and cry till the sun ran away from our darkness. But then…there came the times where we couldn’t stop laughing 😉 The times where all we wanted to do was go out in the sun, enjoy life! Many goodness came out in the end…after a rainfall must come a rainbow! And Milky/Mill/Mills/Milly (whatever you’re known as now!) it just shows how strong you are. You thought you couldn’t do it, get through it, but by the help of our lovely friends, family and supporters we got there in the end! So I have high faith in you, that you’ll do amazing from now. Have you entered Halaaliwood yet? Been on Islam Channel? Any more speeches? Held an event? Meet and Greets?…and then while I read this in the future I go something like this, “gee, no pressure!” Well…whether you have become big in the writing industry or not, if you decided to become an adventurer and travel the world, whatever it may be, I just wanted to say I still love you :*              Oh you know how emotional I get! Stop!

Well, now that I got you listening, by buttering you up, which by the way is the key to making Milly happy 😉     Gee thanks Milly!      I just want to warn you about something. That, whatever road you choose to take there’s always going to be some kind of obstacle. And I’m sure you’re aware as maybe you’ve encountered some of them already. There’s always going to be people who you won’t be able to please for whatever reason. Sometimes it’ll be the people you really want to please…It’ll be hard. Its is hard. But promise me you wont let that get to you. And I’m only saying this because, well, I know how emotional we can get, how easily we let things get to us, how we can break down and make our self feel small…but then I know we so do not like to get upset, so that’s why I’m saying now…just do you and be you and smile and appreciate what you have now, just trust yourself!     Aha, do you see how emotional we are? Who sits down and writes letters to themselves? Eugh! We’re such girls! But anyways, keep your head held high and always listen to Mum and Dad. Because I know you know, and I know that you know that I know, that there’s always a reason on why they say what they say. Make Aunty proud and look after her for me. She’s been there for us all the way and I’m guessing her kind heart still is- so do make her happy…oh! And when you can, stick the selfie stick in between youse when you get the chance 😉 The same with ‘favourite uncle’ He sure is amazing and shows the best support!

Milly, just know that you got people who love you and people to talk to. I hope by now, you don’t bottle things inside because I know how crazy you can get! And so, I wish you the best in everything, and before I go, I just wanted to ask, however cheesy this may sound, met Prince Charming yet? 😉

Yourself in 2015 x

So sorry that that was so long, but I have a lot to say! And that’s not even half of it! But yeah, that’s what I would say to the future me, What would you like to say to the future you? Or what would you say to the child you were? I’d love to know!

Much love and kisses,

Milly x

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