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Why are you called MUSELIM?

This is just a quick post to explain what most people have been asking, so here it is.

Why are you called MUSELIM?
Let me break it down for you?

‘MUSE’ in the English Dictionary means “a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist”
So why choose MUSE? the whole reason why I began to put my passion for writing out there for you all to see is because I want to inspire. I want to inspire you so that you can be inspired, the same with me. I was inspired to inspire. And I hope to do the same with you too✨
‘-lim’ comes from, what you might have guessed, ‘Muslim’. I wanted to have my identity in my name because I believe that it’s really important to have that aspect wherever you go in life. Successful or not. Some of you may think ‘isn’t that going to happen anyways?’ which yes, you’re right, but sometimes there’s the case of not showing who you truly are for whatever reason it may be. I used to hide my identity, name, age, because I was afraid of making mistakes and people being aware that I was the one that had made it. But here I am full of confidence ?
So long story short. I am MUSELIM. MUSELIM is here to inspire you and help you have more of a understanding of things as well as helping you achieve what you want to achieve. Here to make you smile and here to make you laugh. MUSELIM is Muslim. MUSELIM is hopeful. MUSELIM is a creative writer??so be ready to be mused???
Hope that explains?
Speak to you soon InshaAllah

Much love and kisses



The Daydream That Was Really A Nightmare

I can speak to a thousand people in a day, all of different looks and personalities. Kind, rude, sensitive or angry. I can meet all them thousands of people on the train in the ‘Monday Morning Rush’- all so different I know, but with you, I drift off to the galaxies it sounds crazy and obsessed but let me explain before you object.

Every time you speak, they’re words from the heart. Every time you smile, it goes beyond that record chart. “We could be heroes” is what you always said to me. You said each word so slowly and so sincerely like you REALLY meant it. You made me smile so much, people thought I had won the lottery

But how could I be so blind?! Because “”we could be heroes” meant nothing, all along you was the villain. You were stealing a part of me as slow as you whispered them words into my ear. Tearing me apart with every time you said it…

I didn’t even realise if my grass was still green, because I was so determined to help you grow yours. Who woulda known the ‘angel’ of darkness was at mine making my grass brown and letting the flowers die away. I helped you with so much with your dream, I never would have guessed you would be my worst nightmare…

I used to admire you and love you more than myself. “”It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me”

Just a little something

Much love and kisses,

Milly 💕😘

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